Adedoyin Teriba

|Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor of Art History

Adedoyin Teriba specializes in modern and contemporary architecture & urbanism — focusing particularly on such traditions in West Africa and its diasporas. Teriba's teaching and scholarship investigate the ways in which folklore, orality, language, art, dance, and music are used as tools — historically and presently — to generate an architecture that creates a sense of place. Teriba is also interested in the ways that performance-based ways of creating architecture have been a staple of architectural design in parts of Africa and its diasporas for the last two hundred years or more. 

At Dartmouth, Teriba teaches topics on modern and contemporary architecture that include the idea of architecture and urban spaces as mysterious entities; the intersection between architecture, place, and identity; the connection between industrial design and architecture; and courses on modern and contemporary architecture in various regions and nations in Africa. 

Teriba's current book project, Architecture's Figures: Assimilation and Cultures in Colonial Nigeria, interrogates how African diasporic settlers in Southwest Nigeria and Nigerian locals used a motley of architectural forms (including neo-baroque) to create new figures of Yorùbá speech; novel ideas of immortality as well as impact regional masquerade designs and the directional flow of masquerade processions in urban Southwest Nigeria. 


Carpenter, Room 209
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Art History


  • B.A. Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria
  • M.Arch. University of Oklahoma
  • M.A. Princeton University
  • Ph.D. Princeton University