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Assistant Professor

Alexandra Schultz is an assistant professor in the Department of Classics. She specializes in Greek literature and cultural/intellectual history, in particular the history of libraries in Greco-Roman antiquity. She received her BA in Classics and Computer Science from Brown University in 2011 and her MSt in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature from Christ Church, Oxford in 2012 with funding from a US-UK Fulbright award. She then worked for two years as a software engineer at Microsoft before starting a PhD in Classical Philology at Harvard University. In 2021 she graduated from her PhD and took up a Research Fellowship in Classics at Jesus College, Cambridge. Since 2023 she has been a part of Dartmouth's Department of Classics.


Reed, Room 316
HB 6086


Classical Studies


  • B.A. Brown University
  • M.St. University of Oxford
  • M.A. Harvard University
  • Ph.D. Harvard University

Selected Publications

  • "Collection." Forthcoming in Candida Moss, Jeremiah Coogan, and Joseph Howley (eds.), Writing, Enslavement, and Power in the Roman Mediterranean, 100 BCE–300 CE, Oxford University Press.

  • "Origin Stories: Plundered Libraries and Theories of Appropriation in Greek and Roman Imperial Literature." TAPA 153: 389–430.

  • "Language and Agency in Sappho's Brothers Poem." Helios 48: 113–143. 2021. Winner of the 2020 John J. Winkler Memorial Prize.

  • "P. Oxy. 5272. Epictetus, Discourses 2.17.22–24." The Oxyrhynchus Papyri 81: 73–74. 2016.

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Works In Progress

My current book project is provisionally titled The Mirage of Alexandria: A New History of Libraries in Greco-Roman Antiquity.