Alfia Rakova

Academic Appointments

Research Assistant Professor, Director of the Language Program

201 Reed Hall
HB 6085
B.A., MA Kazan University
Ph. D. Kazan University

Selected Publications

Intercultural Communication in the Russian Language Classroom in the USA. "East-West: Crossing Cultures." II World Congress in Real and Virtual Mode at Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto, Japan. October, 2019

Student Presentations in the Russian Language Classroom. In: Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science Vol. IV, Issue 4, March 2019, pp. 129-134.

Color and Culture in the Russian Language Classroom. In: Cross- Cultural Studies: Education and Science (CCS&ES) ISSN -2470-1262. Volume 3, September 2018.

Teaching Russian to American Students Through Language Work on Films and Stories About Women. In: Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science. Volume 1. 2017. 

Роль словообразования русской разговорной речи в восприятии фильмов американскими студентами. Aspects of the Humanities in Geo-Cultural Space. Istanbul, October 2016.

Developing Conversational Russian Using Voice Tread Outside of Class. In:Socio-Cultural and Philological Aspects of Teaching and Research. Kyoto University, Japan, 2014. pp. 507-511.

Learning Language While Viewing Russian Film. AATSEEL Newsletter. December 2011, pp. 17-18.

Learning While Watching. Paper. NEMLA Convention, Boston, MA, March 2013

Dialects and Slang in Learning Russian through Literature and Film. Paper. NeMLA Convention, Rochester, NY. March 2012.

Works in progress

"Lab in the Humanities". Grant received from The Leslie Center for the Humanities at Dartmouth College for the Russian 27 (Intermediate Russian) course, 2017.

Selected works and activities

2016,The Leslie Center for the Humanities Grant to explore the topic “The Role of Women in a Changing Russian Society and in the Multi-Ethnic Society of Tatartstan”

2009, European Consortium Grundtvig, Learning Partnership "Languages and Integration through Singing" (Italy, Bulgaria, Rumania, USA).

Russian Vocabulary, Schaum's Outline Series (With Ray Parrott). McGraw Hill, New York, 1999.

Awards & Honors

The Dean of the Faculty Teaching Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to Dartmouth and career distinction. 2011.

Certificates of Harvard University Teaching Excellence. 2001-2007.