Allen Hockley

|Associate Professor
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Associate Professor of Art History

Allen Hockley's research engages two fields of study: early Japanese photography and woodblock prints and illustrated books from the Tokugawa through early Showa periods. He teaches a broad array of courses on Japanese and Asian art including: Sacred Art and Architecture of Japan, The Japanese Painting Tradition, Japanese Architecture, Japanese Prints, Contemporary Art of Asia, Sacred Architecture of Asia, and Chinese Art. He offers advanced seminars on Colonial-era Photography in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. 


Carpenter, Room 304A
HB 6033


Art History


  • B.A. University of Victoria
  • M.A. University of British Columbia
  • Ph.D. University of Toronto

Selected Publications

  • The Women of Shin Hanga: The Judith and Joseph Barker Collection of Japanese Prints, Hanover, NH: Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, 2013

  • The Treaty of Portsmouth and Its Legacies, (co-edited with Steve Ericson) Lebanon, NH: University Press of New England, 2008

  • Public Spectacles and Personal Pleasures: Four Centuries of Japanese Prints From a Cincinnati Collection, Cincinnati: Cincinnati Museum of Art, 2006.

  • The Prints of Isoda Koryûsai: Floating World Culture and Its Consumers in Eighteenth- Century Japan, Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2003.

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