Amine Zidouh


First and foremost, I am deeply passionate about education. This is why I am here. While my relationship with schooling as a child may have been, let's say, complex, I have always held firm in my belief in the transformative power of education and the potential for alternative approaches. In my teaching, I prefer not to rely on mere repetition of established methods but rather to explore innovative ways of imparting knowledge. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to teach across three continents—Africa (Morocco), Europe (France)— and of course North America (USA) in institutions like the University of Miami, Bucknell University, and the University of Missouri. Interacting with students from diverse backgrounds, encompassing various identities, political affiliations, and socio-economic statuses, has been the most rewarding aspect of my professional life. I remain connected to some of my former students from a decade ago when, ironically, I was almost their age. As I embark on this new chapter of my professional journey at Dartmouth, I am exceedingly enthusiastic about the potential for personal and intellectual growth, both for myself and my students.

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Dartmouth Hall, Room 307E
HB 6087


French and Italian


  • PhD. (Literary, Cultural and Linguistic Studies) University of Miami
  • M.A. (Political Science) Hassan II University (Casablanca, Morocco)
  • B.A. (English Studies) Mohammed V University (Rabat, Morocco)

Selected Publications

  • Book

    Poetics and politics of engaged desire : around Abdellah Taïa, Passage(s), 2020.

  • Book

    Not so 'Common' Sense: Same Words, Different Grammar, AKP. 2017.

  • Book

    News-Media and Transformation of Reality during the Egyptian Revolution, Grin Publishing, 2011

  • Article

    Ecrire dans la langue des riches - Performing French in Morocco, Passage(s), 2020.

Works In Progress

  • Book

    Urban Segregation and Identity Politics in France

  • Documentary

    French Rap and Identity Politics