Andrew L. McCann

Academic Appointments

Henry Winkley Professor of Anglo-Saxon and English Language and Literature
Chair of the Department of English and Creative Writing

I write about modern literature and culture (from the late eighteenth century to the present), critical theory, media studies and aesthetics. I’ve published monographs and essays on romanticism and the public sphere, colonial and contemporary Australian literature, popular fiction in late Victorian Britain, and critical theory. I’ve also published a couple of novels. Most recently I’ve been working on the relationship between literature, technological media and the culture industry. The book I’m currently writing, Tales of the Avant-Garde, is about the mythopoetic dimension of modern aesthetic experience.

216 Sanborn
HB 6032
B.A. University of Melbourne
M.A. University of Melbourne
M.A. Cornell University
Ph.D. Cornell University

Selected Publications

Popular Literature, Authorship and the Occult in Late Victorian Britain (Cambridge University Press, 2014)

Christos Tsiolkas and the Fiction of Critique: Politics, Obscenity, Celebrity (London: Anthem Press, 2015)

Marcus Clarke’s Bohemia: Literature and Modernity in Colonial Melbourne (Melbourne: University of Melbourne Press, 2004).

Cultural Politics in the 1790s: Literature, Radicalism and the Public Sphere (London: Macmillan Press, 1999).

Subtopia (Melbourne: Vulgar Press, 2005). Turkish Translation (Istanbul: Versus Kitap, 2006).

The White Body of Evening (Sydney: HarperCollins Australia, 2002, 2003). Japanese Translation (Tokyo: Kokushokankokai, 2009).

“Melancholy and the Masses: Siegfried Kracauer and the Media Concept,” Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture, 43.1 (Winter 2021): 150-170.

Sprechkunst and the Spell of the Commodity: Klaus Kinski on Tour,” German Studies Review, 43.3 (October 2020): 517-535.

“Kinski Speaks Villon: Literary Media and the Poète Maudit, 1952-1962,” Modernism/modernity Print Plus 3.3 ( (October 2018).

“Biopolitics and the Potentia of Literature,” in Russell West-Pavlov ed., Literature and the Global South (Cambridge University Press, 2018): 134-144.

"Walter Benjamin's Sex Work: Prostitution and the State of Exception," Textual Practice vol. 28, no.1 (February 2014): 99-120.

“Ruins, Refuse and the Politics of Allegory in The Old Curiosity Shop,” Nineteenth-Century Literature vol. 66, no. 2 (September 2011): 179-194.

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Works in progress

Tales of the Avant-Garde