Annelise Orleck

Academic Appointments

Professor of History

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where you can travel around the world without ever venturing more than a few miles from home. Brooklyn's amazing assortment of cultures sparked an interest in the study of history and ethnicity which continues to this day. I give it full expression in my senior seminar, History 96: Race, Ethnicity and Immigration in American History.

402 Carson Hall
HB 6107
Jewish Studies
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
B.A. The Evergreen State College
M.A. New York University
Ph.D. New York University

Selected Publications


Rethinking American Women's Activism (Routledge, 2014).

The War on Poverty: A New Grassroots History, 1964-1980, edited by Annelise Orleck and Lisa Gayle Hazirjian (University of Georgia Press, 2011).

Storming Caesar’s Palace: How Black Mothers Fought Their Own War on Poverty (Beacon Press, 2005).

The Soviet Jewish Americans (Greenwood Press ,1999, pbk 2001).

The Politics of Motherhood: Activist Voices from Left to Right, co-edited with Alexis Jetter and Diana Taylor (UPNE, 1997).

Common Sense And A Little Fire: Women and Working Class Politics in the United States (University of North Carolina Press, 1995).


"Soviet Jews: The Continuing Russification of Jewish New York," in Nancy Foner, ed., One Out of Three (Columbia University Press, 2013).

"My Radical Vegas," Contexts (Winter 2012).

"Feminism and the Labor Movement: A Century of Collaboration and Conflict," New Labor Forum (2011).

Forthcoming Article:

"Rethinking the War on Poverty in a New Age of Inequality," in Thomas Sugrue and Alice O'Connor (eds.), The War on Poverty at 50.

Works in progress

"Low Wages: I'm Not Lovin' It: The Rise of a New Global Labor Movement"

"Reflections Through A Glass Closet: The Lesbian Presence in American Progressivism"