Brian Jackson

|Research Professor
Academic Appointments
  • Research Professor

  • Director, Trace Element Analysis Core

The broad theme of my research is the cycling of contaminant trace elements in the environment and the associated implications for human health.  In particular I specialize in arsenic and mercury biogeochemistry and on developing analytical coupled methods to probe the speciation and partitioning of trace elements in complex environmental and biological systems.  


Steele, Room 222
HB 6105


Earth Sciences, Chemistry


  • BA Chemistry, Oriel College, Oxford University, 1989
  • Ph.D. Soil Science (Soil Chemistry), University of Georgia, USA, 1998

Selected Publications

  • Punshon, T., Jackson B.P. 2018. Essential micronutrient and toxic trace element concentrations in gluten containing and gluten-free foods. Food Chemistry, 252, 258-264.

  • Caito, S. W.; Jackson, B. P.; Punshon, T.; Scrimale, T.; Grier, A.; Gill, S. R.; Love, T. M.; Watson, G. E.; van Wijngaarden, E.; Rand, M. D. 2018. Variation in Methylmercury Metabolism and Elimination Status in Humans Following Fish Consumption. Toxicological Sciences, 161(2), 143-153

  • Punshon, T.; Jackson, B. P.; Meharg, A. A.; Warczack, T.; Scheckel, K.; Guerinot, M. L. 2017. Understanding arsenic dynamics in agronomic systems to predict and prevent uptake by crop plants. Science of The Total Environment 581, 209-220.

  • Cubadda, F.; Jackson, B. P.; Cottingham, K. L.; Van Horne, Y. O.; Kurzius-Spencer, M. 2017. Human exposure to dietary inorganic arsenic and other arsenic species: State of knowledge, gaps and uncertainties. Science of the Total Environment, 579, 1228-1239.

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