Brinker Ferguson

Academic Appointments
  • Lecturing Professor, Native American and Indigenous Studies

  • Research Associate, Data Experiences + Visualizations Lab

Dr. Ferguson is a Lecturing Professor in Native American and Indigenous Studies Department and head the "Cultural Heritage Preventative Preservation Program" at Dartmouth College. In addition, she serves as a National Heritage Responder for the American Institute of Conservation. Previously she was a post-doc fellow at Dartmouth College through the Neukom Institute for Computational Science.

Her research focuses on cultural heritage conservation, computational imaging and Indigenous agency.


37 N. Main Street, Room 203
HB 6047


Anthropology, Native American & Indigenous Studies

Selected Publications

  • Brinker Ferguson, "The Politics of Digital Repatriation and its Relationship to Indigenous Cultural Data Sovereignty," in On Making in the Digital Humanities, London: UCL Press, 2023.