Brinker Ferguson

Academic Appointments
  • Lecturing Professor, Native American and Indigenous Studies

  • Research Associate, Data Experiences + Visualizations Lab

Dr. Ferguson is a Lecturing Professor in Native American and Indigenous Studies Department and head the "Cultural Heritage Preventative Preservation Program" at Dartmouth College. In addition, she serves as a National Heritage Responder for the American Institute of Conservation. Previously she was a post-doc fellow at Dartmouth College through the Neukom Institute for Computational Science.

Her research focuses on cultural heritage conservation, computational imaging and Indigenous agency.


Vermont Non-DC Location
HB 6047


Anthropology, Native American & Indigenous Studies

Selected Publications

  • Brinker Ferguson, "The Politics of Digital Repatriation and its Relationship to Indigenous Cultural Data Sovereignty," in On Making in the Digital Humanities, London: UCL Press, 2023.