Carl P. Thum

Academic Appointments

Director, Academic Skills Program
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Writing

I have taught writing and critical reading for over 30 years. My educational background combines English literature (specifically the English Romantic poets and American writers), composition, and pedagogy. In my courses, I weave the three together, while also emphasizing student interest and engagement. I believe I have been helped in teaching Dartmouth students by the several years I taught middle school, high school, business school, and community college students. At whatever level of schooling or type of school, students can be encouraged to think, read, and write effectively and intentionally, and it is our task as teachers to use one or more research-based approaches to accomplish that task.

224 Baker Library
HB 6173
Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
B.A. Union College
M.A. Cleveland State University
Ph.D. Cornell University

Selected Publications

Strategic Learning

Works in progress

The Ivy League Guide to Academic Success