Caroline Robertson

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Psychological and Brain Sciences
B.A. Columbia University
Ph. D. University of Cambridge
Postdoc, Harvard Society of Fellows and MIT

Selected Publications

Robertson & Baron-Cohen. 2017. Sensory Perception in Autism. Nature Reviews Neuroscience. 18, 671–684.

Robertson, Hermann, Mynick, Kravitz, Kanwisher. 2016. Neural Representations Integrate the Current Field of View with the Remembered 360° Panorama in Scene-Selective Cortex. Current Biology. 26(18), 80-85

Robertson, Ratai, Kanwisher. 2016. Reduced GABAergic Action in the Autistic Brain. Current Biology. 26(01), 80-85.

Robertson, Kravitz, Freyberg, Baron-Cohen, Baker. 2013. Slower Rate of Binocular Rivalry in Autism. Journal of Neuroscience. 33(43), 16983-16991.