Casey Stockstill

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Assistant Professor of Sociology

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I am a sociologist and race scholar. My work focuses on race, class, and the micro-level of social life. Much of my research is focused on childhood. My new book, False Starts, is an ethnographic account of how young children experience segregated preschools. I also research how white observers interpret race markers and deploy racial prejudice. 


Blunt Alum Ctr, Room 308E
HB 6104




  • B.A. Columbia University
  • M.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Selected Publications

  • Stockstill, Casey. 2023. False Starts: The Segregated Lives of Preschoolers. New York: NYU Press.

    Stockstill, Casey. 2023. "The 'Stuff' of Class: How Property Access in Preschool Reproduces Class Inequality." Social Problems. 70(1): 1-21.

    Stockstill, Casey and Grace Carson. 2022. "Are Lighter-Skinned Tanisha and Jamal Worth More Pay? White People's Gendered Colorism toward Black Job Applicants with Racialized Names." Ethnic and Racial Studies. 45(5): 896-917.