Christine J. Thomas

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Philosophy

307 Thornton
HB 6035
Cognitive Science
B.A. University of Colorado
M.A. Cornell University
Ph.D. Cornell University

Selected Publications

'Plato on Metaphysical Explanation: Does 'Participating' Mean Nothing?', Studia Philosophica Estonica - Special Issue on Aristotelian Metaphysics: Essence and Ground, Sirkel and Tahko (eds.), 7.2 (2014) 168-194.

'Plato on Action' in A Companion to the Philosophy of Action, O'Connor and Sandis (eds.), Blackwell Publishing (2010) 429-438.

'Paradigms and Politics in Plato's Statesman: Commentary on El Murr', The Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy 25 (2010) 136-145.

'Speaking of Something: Plato's Sophist and Plato's Beard', Canadian Journal of Philosophy 38:4 (2008) 631-668.

'Inquiry Without Names', Journal of the History of Philosophy 46:3 (2008) 341-364.

'Plato’s Prometheanism', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy Volume XXXI , D Sedley (ed.), (2006) 201-231.

Works in progress

'The Value of Mathematics for Plato's Philosopher'

'Plato's Functionalism About Names'

'Plato's Paradigmatism'