Cynthia P. Monroe

Academic Appointments

Lecturer in Writing

I am fascinated by communication—written, auditory, visual—and by the fundamental connection between narrative and meaning. I find it rewarding to help writers at all stages to develop the capacity for clear written expression—working in their own words with the ideas that matter most to them. My own work spans poetry, graphic design and illustration, scientific writing, advocacy, and facilitating public dialogue (Compassionate Listening). I am keenly interested in what instructors of writing can learn from one another and from our students, and that interest along with involvement with the annual Dartmouth Summer Seminar on Composition Research brought me the opportunity to co-edit the forthcoming collection, The Expanding Universe of Writing Studies: Higher Education Writing Research Today. My greatest hope is that through communication, we humans can make room for one another in our understandings of the world, and that in doing so we will create and discover viable paths through climate crisis (and other imminent threats to more than humanity). Writing, to me, is about listening and reflection as much as expression; we write to one another, and so it matters. 


37 Dewey Field Road, Room 213
Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
B.A. Dartmouth College
M.F.A. University of British Columbia

Selected Publications


Wrangell Sestina; Cirque, Summer 2016 Issue; Anchorage, AK.  

Lemon Fervor; Blue Mesa Review, Issue XXV; University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.


Sharing Ground; American Friends Service Committee & Alaska Humanities Forum. Writer, producer & narrator of 7 half-hour documentaries on a resource allocation Compassionate Listening project. 2003

Selected works and activities

First Place, Poetry Contest; Blue Mesa Review, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM:
Lemon Fervor. 2012

First Place, Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association Literary Competition, Poetry:
Flight. 2011

First Place & Zola Award, Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association Literary Competition, Poetry:
Ark. 2010

Poetry Prize & Scholarship: University of British Columbia MFA Program, Vancouver, British Columbia:
No Such Thing. 1995-1996

Represented by

Shannon Hassan, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC 

PO Box 6061

Boulder, CO 80306