Dale F. Eickelman

Research Professor
Academic Appointments

Ralph and Richard Lazarus Professor of Anthropology and Human Relations (Emeritus)
Relationship Coordinator (Director), The Dartmouth College-American University of Kuwait Program

I am fascinated by how religion coupled with changing ideas of education and both traditional and innovational means of communication and persuasion come together in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to create new social forms. Another ongoing interest is the interplay between secrecy and publicity in religious movements, governments, universities, and everyday life.

44 North College, Suite 6125
HB 6125
Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages
A.B. Dartmouth College
M.A. McGill University
Ph.D. University of Chicago

Selected Publications

Higher Education Investment in the Arab States of the Gulf: Strategies for Excellence and Diversity, ed. Dale F. Eickelman and Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf (Berlin: Gerlach Press, 2017)

Africa and the Gulf Region: Blurred Boundaries and Shifting Ties, ed. Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf and Dale F. Eickelman (Berlin: Gerlach Press, 2015)

“The Modern Face of Ibadism in Oman,” in On Ibadism, ed. Angeliki Ziyaka (Hildesheim and New York: Georg Olms Verlag, 2014), pp. 151-63.

“Social Science under Siege: The Middle East.” In Serendipity in Anthropological Research: The Nomadic Turn, ed. Haim Hazan and Esther Herzog. Farnham, UK: Ashgate, 2012, pp. 213-27.

“Media in Islamic and Area Studies: Personal Encounters,” Oriente Moderno 91, no. 1 (2011): 13-22.

“Mainstreaming Islam: Taking Charge of the Faith,” Encounters, no. 2 (Spring 2010): 185-203. 

“Not Lost in Translation: The Influence of Clifford Geertz’s Work and Life on Anthropology in Morocco.” In Clifford Geertz in Morocco, ed. Susan Slyomovics. London: Routledge, 2010, pp. 67-77.

“Culture and Identity in the Middle East: How They Influence Governance.” In Fighting Chance: Global Trends and Shocks in the National Security Environment, ed. Neyla Arnas. Washington: National Defense University Press and Potomac Books, 2009, pp. 157-72.

“Foreword” (pp. vii-xi) and “Interview with Muhammad Shahrur” (pp. 501-23) in The Qur‘an, Morality, and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur, trans. Andreas Christmann. Leiden: Brill, 2009.

 “Madrasas in Morocco: Their Vanishing Public Role,” in Schooling Islam: The Culture and Politics of Modern Muslim Education, ed. Robert W. Hefner and Muhammad Qasim Zaman. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2007, pp. 131-48.

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“First Know the Enemy, Then Act,” in Anthropologists in the Public Sphere: Speaking Out on War, Peace, and American Power, ed. Roberto J. Gonzalez, Austin: University of Texas Press, 2004, 2004, pp. 214-18  (First published in the Los Angeles Times, 2001).

Muslim Politics, co-authored with James Piscatori, new edition. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2004.

Public Islam and the Common Good, ed. Armando Salvatore and Dale F. Eickelman Leiden: Brill, 2004

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New Media in the Muslim World: The Emerging Public Sphere, 2nd edition, co-edited with Jon W. Anderson. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 2003.

The Middle East and Central Asia: An Anthropological Approach, 4th edition. Upper Saddle River NJ: Prentice Hall. 2002.

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Works in progress

“Private Higher Education in the Middle East and North Africa;” “Secrecy and Lying: Why Deception is Necessary in Human Societies” (under contract, Blackwell). “Memory in Morocco”