Dana P. Williams

Academic Appointments

Professor of Mathematics

HB 6188
A.B. Cornell University
M.A. University of California at Berkeley
Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley

Selected Publications

Echterhoff, S and D P Williams, “Inducing Primitive Ideals,” Transactions of the American Mathematical Society , 360 (2008) 6113-6129.

Muhly, P S, and D P Williams, Renault’s Equivalence Theorem for Groupoid Crossed Products (NYJM Monographs 3) (2008).

Muhly, P S, and D P Williams, “Equivalence and Disintegration Theorems for Fell Bundles and their C* -algebras,” Dissertationes Mathematicae , 456 (2008).

Williams, D P, _Crossed Products of C* _ -algebras, (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs 134)(2007).

Crocker, D, I Raeburn, and D P Williams, “Equivariant Brauer and Picard Groups and a Chase-Harrison-Rosenberg Exact Sequence,” Journal of Algebra , 307 (2007) 397-408.

Raeburn, I and D P Williams, _Morita Equivalence and Continuous-trace C* _ -algebras (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs), (1998)

Works in progress

“Extension Problems for Representations of Crossed-product C* -algebras;” “Inducing Primitive Ideals;” “Induction in Stages for C* -crossed Products by Maximal Coactions;” “The Brauer Semigroup on a Locally Compact Groupoid”