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I am interested in the cryospheric processes that shape our planet within Arctic and Alpine regions, both in the present and in the past.  I examine those processes through field and laboratory investigations that are multi-disciplinary in approach and provide a quantitative understanding of the physical systems of glacial, periglacial, and permafrost environments. Studies of the modern systems provide knowledge that can be applied to interpreting the past, particularly their response to changes in climate. Understanding the impacts of climate variability in the past and present provides the basis for predicting response to climate variability in the future.

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My current research is examining terrestrial and tidewater glacier dynamics, principally the advancing tidewater Hubbard Glacier in southeast Alaska, the Matanuska Glacier in south-central Alaska and the glacial systems that occupy the fjords and valleys of Glacier Bay, also in southeast Alaska.  In addition as part of the Glacier Bay studies, I am examining the glacial record since the end of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) (~17,000 years ago) when North America and the Cordilleran regions were covered by ice. These studies involve collaborations with other scientists to develop paleotemperature records from geochemical relationships and tree-ring analyses of trees preserved after being overridden by several glacial advances. The most recent advance during the Little Ice Age can be tied into the oral history of the Tlingit whose ancestral homeland was in Glacier Bay before the ice drove them out in approximately 1755. My ongoing investigations of permafrost environments are applying sedimentology of the frozen materials and stable isotopes in ground ice to elucidate the processes and paleoclimate in the unglaciated regions of interior and northern Alaska during the LGM. Linked to these latter studies are important concerns on carbon recycling and sequestration, and its potential release as climate warms in the future.



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B.A. Lawrence University
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Ph.D. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign