Darius Scott

Assistant Professor
Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor of Geography

My research focuses on the stories people tell about the places they live, move through, and seek to dismantle. In practice, I consult oral histories and personal narratives in order to foreground localized Black senses of place in, typically rural and Southern (U.S.), distorting milieus of anti-black violence and sexual stigma. My work engages with ongoing discussions in Black studies, queer studies, public health, and Black geographies.

113A Fairchild
HB 6017
B.A. Morehouse College
Ph. D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Center for Health Equity Research, UNC School of Medicine

Selected Publications

Scott, Darius. Oral history and emplacement in ‘nowhere at all:’ the role of personal and family narratives in rural black community-building. Social & Cultural Geography. 20 (8): 1094-1113. 2019.

Scott, Darius. Intergenerationality, family narratives, and black geographic space in rural North Carolina. Gender, Place, & Culture. 27 (7): 984-1006. 2020.

Scott, Darius. Stress and coping amongst cisgender male partners of transgender women. Culture, Health & Sexuality. 2020.

Scott, Darius. Stigma in place: Black gay men's experiences of the rural South. Health & Place. 68. 2021.

Scott, Darius. Normalized alterity: visualizing Black spatial humanities. GeoHumanities. 2021.

Scott, D., Pereira, N., Harrison, S., Zarwell, M., Sanasi-Bhola, K., & T. Poteat. “In the Bible Belt:” the role of religion in HIV care and prevention for transgender people in the US South. Health & Place. 2021.