Darlene K. Drummond

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Speech

As an intercultural communication scholar, my research focuses on how individuals from different cultural backgrounds communicate identities that (1) maintain or threaten relationships or (2) influence decision making about health issues. I study aspects of communication that cannot be quantified such as the meanings of personal experiences, and employ a variety of qualitative methods.

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Room 229, 37 Dewey Field Road
HB 6250
Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
B.A. Denison University
M.A. Eastern New Mexico University
PhD Ohio State University

Selected Publications

  Drummond, D. K. (2018). The decision: A creative autoethnographic account with poetry. Health Communication, 33(4), 507-509.

   Drummond, D. K. (2017). "If my cholesterol is...then I foresee:" Patient accounts of uncertainty. Qualitative Research in Medicine and Healthcare, 1, 121-127.

   Marcus, E. N., Drummond, D. K., Dietz, N., & Kenya, S. (2013). Does a bite cause cancer? Misperceptions of breast cancer etiology among low-income urban women in Miami, FL. Southern Medical Journal, 106(12), 649-654.

   Marcus, E. N., Drummond, D. K., Dietz, N. (2012). Urban women's preferences for learning of their mamogram result: A qualitative study. Journal of Cancer Education, 7(1), 156-164.

   Drummond, D. K. (2005). Diabetes management: An exploration into the verbal support attempts of relational others. Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, 6(1), 69-76.