David Ross Peart

Academic Appointments

Professor of Biological Sciences

My students and I analyze the factors affecting the growth and survival of trees, the dynamics of populations, and the composition and structure of forests. We address questions about competition, herbivory, species diversity, invasion, and forest conservation and management. Some of our tropical work has linked forest ecology with social sciences - for example, economics and analyses of land use practices. We are interested in strengthening the links between research priorities and the difficult (but exciting) challenges we face as we navigate the transition to a sustainable world.


322 Life Sciences Center


Biological Sciences


  • B.Sc. University of Queensland, Australia
  • Grad. Dipl. Canberra College of Advanced Education
  • Ph.D. University of California at Davis

Selected Publications

  • Landis, R M, and D R Peart, “Early Performance Predicts Canopy Attainment across Life Histories in Subalpine Forest Trees,” Ecology , 86 (2005) 63-72.

  • Fagan, M E, and D R Peart, “Impact of the Invasive Shrub Glossy Buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula L.) on Juvenile Recruitment by Canopy Trees,” Forest Ecology and Management , 194 (2004) 95-107.

  • Blundell, A G, and D R Peart, “Density Dependent Population Dynamics of a Dominant Rain Forest Canopy Tree,” Ecology , 85 (2004) 704-715.

  • Blundell, A G, and D R Peart, “Recruitment Failure Following Mast Fruiting in a Southeast Asian Dipterocarp Forest,” Journal of Tropical Ecology , 20 (2004) 229-231.

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