Dean E. Wilcox

Academic Appointments

Professor of Chemistry
Chair of the Department of Chemistry

Dean Wilcox pursued his graduate research with Edward Solomon at MIT (1979-81) and Stanford (1982-84), where he studied the binuclear copper site in the oxygen transport protein hemocyanin (1, 2), the ortho-hydroxylating enzyme tyrosinase (3) and relevant small molecule model compounds (4).

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Upon joining the Dartmouth faculty in 1984, his initial research involved studies of a) the Ni-containing enzyme urease (5, 6, 7, 8) and binuclear metallohydrolases (9), with funding from the USDA, b) EPR-characterization of paramagnetic organometallic compounds (10), and c) coordination chemistry of the Cys-rich protein metallothionein and zinc-fingers (11, 12, 13, 14, 15), with funding from the NCI. The latter research was also part of the Dartmouth Superfund Research Program, with funding from the NIEHS.

His research has also involved collaborations with Dartmouth colleagues Roger Smith (Pharmacology & Toxicology) on the biomedical chemistry of NO (16, 17, 18, 19) and Harold Swartz (Radiology) on materials for in vivo oximetry (20) and, most recently, methods for ex vivo dosimetry with fingernails (21, 22).

His current research focuses on the thermodynamics of metal-protein interactions, with funding from NSF. This has included the development of protocols for quantifying metal-binding thermodynamics with the technique of isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) (23, 24, 25, 26), and the application of this method in studies of metal ions binding to zinc fingers, Zn-stabilized DNA-binding domains and metallothionein (27, 28, 29), His-rich proteins involved in metal transport (30, 31, 32, 33), insulin (34, 35), and metalloenzymes (36, 37).

In addition to continuing these studies, his future research is directed toward three new projects, a) developing and applying a protocol, known as redox coordination thermodynamics (RCT), which uses ITC measurements of two metal oxidation states binding to a protein to quantify the thermodynamics of reduction of the metalloprotein, b) quantifying the Cu(I)-binding thermodynamics of proteins in copper homeostasis pathways, and c) investigating metal binding and reactions of proteins in the bacterial mer pathway for mercury detoxification, in collaboration with James Omichinski of the Universite de Montreal.

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113 Burke
HB 6128
B.S. University of California at Riverside
M.S. University of California at Riverside
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

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Dean E. Wilcox, John R. Long, Edward I. Solomon, "EPR Studies of the  'EPR- nondetectable' Met Derivative of Hemocyanin:  Perturbations and Displacement of the Endogenous Bridge in the Coupled Binuclear Copper Active Site" Journal of the American Chemical Society 1984 106, 2186-2194.

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Works in progress

M. M. Pedroso, F. Ely, M. C. Carpenter, N. Mitic, L. R. Gahan, D. L. Ollis, D. E. Wilcox, G. Schenk, “Formation of the Catalytic Binuclear Active Site of Glycerophosphodiesterase (GpdQ) from Enterobacter aerogenes”, in preparation.

C. F. Quinn, D. E. Wilcox, “Thermodynamics of Metal Ions Binding to Metallothionein”, in preparation.

M. L. Croteau, D. E. Wilcox, “Thermodynamics of Cu(II) and Cu(I) Binding to Azurin: A Calorimetric Method to Quantify Metalloprotein Reduction Thermodynamics”, in preparation.

M. J. Stevenson, J. V. Schuster, D. E. Wilcox, “Thermodynamics of Metal Ions Binding to the Copper Metallochaperone HAH1”, in preparation.

H. M. Wahba, M. J. Stevenson, A. Mansour, J. Sygusch, D. E. Wilcox, J. G. Omichinski, “Structural and Biochemical Characterization of Organotin and Organolead Compounds with the Organomercurial Lyase MerB Provide Important Insight into Its Unique Mechanism of Carbon-metal Bond Cleavage”, in preparation.

M. J. Stevenson, H. M. Wahba, J. G. Omichinski, D. E. Wilcox, “Thermodynamics of Hg(II) and Other Metal Ions Binding to MerB and Cleavage of the Methyl-mercury Bond”, in preparation.