Dean Lacy

Academic Appointments

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Professor of Government
Director, Program in Politics and Law

116 Silsby
HB 6108
B.A., University of Virginia
M.A., Duke University
Ph.D., Duke University

Selected Publications

Agadjanian, Alexander, and Dean Lacy. 2021. Changing Votes, Changing Identities? Racial Fluidity and Vote Switching in the 2012–2016 US Presidential Elections. Public Opinion Quarterly

Lacy, Dean, Emerson M. S. Niou, Philip Paolino, and Robert A. Rein. 2018. Measuring Preferences for Divided Government: Some Americans Want Divided Government and Vote to Create It. Political Behavior. First on-line 22 December 2017

Lacy, Dean, and Dino P. Christenson. 2016. “Who Votes for the Future? Information, Expectations, and Endogeneity in Economic Voting?” Political Behavior.

Lacy, Dean. 2014. “Moochers and Makers in the Voting Booth: Who Benefits from Federal Spending, and How Did They Vote in the 2012 Presidential Election?” Public Opinion Quarterly.

Lacy, Dean, and Emerson M.S. Niou. 2013. “Nonseparable Preferences and Issue Packaging in Elections.” In Schofield, Norman, Gonzalo Caballero, and Daniel Kselman, eds., Advances in Political Economy: Institutions, Modeling, and Empirical Analysis. Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

Lacy, Dean, and Emerson M.S. Niou. 2012. “ Information and Heterogeneity in Issue Voting: Evidence from the 2008 Presidential Election in Taiwan.” Journal of East Asian Studies 12(1):119-141.

Norris, Catherine, Amanda Dumville, and Dean Lacy. 2011. “Affective Forecasting Errors in the 2008 Election: Underpredicting Happiness,” with Catherine Norris and Amanda Dumville. Political Psychology 32,2:235-49.

Lacy, Dean, and Philip Paolino. 2010. “Testing Proximity Versus Directional Voting Using Experiments,” Electoral Studies 29:460-471.

Lacy, Dean, and Emerson Niou. 2004.  A Theory of Issue Linkage and Economic Sanctions:  The Roles of Information, Preferences, and Threats. Journal of Politics 66(1):25-42.

Lacy, Dean. 2001. A Theory of Nonseparable Preferences in Survey Responses. American Journal of Political Science. 45(2):239-58.

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Works in progress

“The Mismeasure of the Masses: A Positive Theory of Political Opinions;”

“Taxing, Spending, Red States, and Blue States: The Political Economy of Redistribution in the American Federal System;”

“Voting in a System of Checks and Balances: Institutions and Voter Choice in US Presidential and Gubernatorial Elections