Devin J. Balkcom

Academic Appointments
  • Professor of Computer Science

  • Chair, Computer Science Department


Engineer and Comp Science Ctr, Room 109
HB 6211


Computer Science


Ph.D. Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2004

Selected Publications

  • Yu-Han Lyu, Devin Balkcom: 
    Optimal trajectories for planar rigid bodies with switching costs. 
    International Journal of Robotics Research (2015)

  • Weifu Wang, Devin Balkcom, Amit Chakrabarti: 
    A fast online spanner for roadmap construction. 
    International Journal of Robotics Research (2015)

  • Matthew P. Bell, Weifu Wang, Jordan Kunzika, Devin Balkcom: 
    Knot-tying with four-piece fixtures. 
    International Journal of Robotics Research 33(11): 1481—1489 (2014)

Works In Progress

Exact optimal trajectories for mobile robots; Robotic manipulation of cloth, string, and paper; communicating and teaching human motion tasks