Devin J. Balkcom

Academic Appointments

Professor of Computer Science
Chair, Computer Science Department

206 Sudikoff Lab, Computer Science
HB 6211
Cognitive Science
Computer Science
Ph.D. Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2004

Selected Publications

Yu-Han Lyu, Devin Balkcom: 
Optimal trajectories for planar rigid bodies with switching costs. 
International Journal of Robotics Research (2015)

Weifu Wang, Devin Balkcom, Amit Chakrabarti: 
A fast online spanner for roadmap construction. 
International Journal of Robotics Research (2015)

Matthew P. Bell, Weifu Wang, Jordan Kunzika, Devin Balkcom: 
Knot-tying with four-piece fixtures. 
International Journal of Robotics Research 33(11): 1481—1489 (2014)

Works in progress

Exact optimal trajectories for mobile robots; Robotic manipulation of cloth, string, and paper; communicating and teaching human motion tasks