Devin Singh

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Religion

Devin Singh studies religious thought in the modern West and in sites of colonial encounter, with attention to the Christian tradition and its interaction with economy and politics. In addition to the history of Christian thought, his research engages the philosophy of religion and social ethics. Singh explores questions of religion and politics, religion and economics, secularization, sociology of markets and money, and race & coloniality in relation to religion. Singh identifies with the categories of Asian American, multiracial, third culture, and Brown, and his experiences of racialization and internationalism inform his research, writing, and teaching. His first book, Divine Currency: The Theological Power of Money in the West (Stanford, 2018) examines the ways early Christian thinkers made use of monetary and economic concepts as they created Christian doctrine, and how this close relationship between theology and money has lent a sacred aura to economics as it developed in the West. Singh is co-editor of Reimagining Leadership on the Commons: Shifting the Paradigm for a More Ethical, Equitable, and Just World (Emerald, 2021), which profiles global pioneers implementing commons-based and shared governance structures in the public and private sector. Singh was guest editor for a special issue of Political Theology on "Love in a Time of Capital," and guest co-editor for a special issue of Journal of Religious Ethics on debt. Singh’s work has been supported by the Lilly Endowment and Luce Foundation, and has received national recognition by the Mellon and Whiting Fellowships, Louisville Institute, and the Forum for Theological Exploration, as well as international recognition by the Lautenschlaeger Award from the University of Heidelberg. Prior to joining the faculty at Dartmouth, Singh was a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Integrated Humanities and Lecturer in Religious Studies at Yale University. He has served more recently as a visiting scholar at Harvard Divinity School's Center for the Study of World Religions (2017-18), and as a visiting scholar at Princeton University's Center for the Study of Religion (2019-20).

Ph.D., Yale University
M.A., University of Chicago
M.Div., Trinity International University
B.A., Pomona College

Selected Publications

Divine Currency: The Theological Power of Money in the West. Stanford University Press, 2018.

Reimagining Leadership on the Commons: Shifting the Paradigm for a More Ethical, Equitable, and Just World. Emerald Press, 2021.

"COVID-19 is Exposing Market Fundamentalism's Many Moral and Practical Flaws" Washington Post, April 10, 2020

"Defaced Coins in a Utopian Market" Political Theology Network, July 9, 2020.

"Exceptional Economy: Sovereign Exchanges in Carl Schmitt and Giorgio Agamben" Telos 191 (Summer 2020): 115-136

“Sovereign Debt.” Journal of Religious Ethics 46:2 (2018): 239-266.

“Speculating the Subject of Money: Georg Simmel on Human Value.” Religions 7.80 (2016): 1-15.

“Irrational Exuberance: Hope, Expectation, and Cool Market Logic.” Political Theology 17.2 (2016): 120-136.

“Anarchy, Void, Signature: Agamben’s Trinity Among Orthodoxy’s Remains.” Political Theology
17:1 (2016): 27-46.

"Debt Cancellation as Sovereign Crisis Management," Cosmologics Magazine, Jan 18, 2016.

“Eusebius as Political Theologian: The Legend Continues.” Harvard Theological Review 108:1 (2015): 129-154.

“Iconicity of the Photographic Image: Theodore of Stoudios and André Bazin.” In Byzantium/Modernism, edited by Roland Betancourt and Maria Taroutina, 237-53. Visualizing the Middle Ages. Leiden: Brill, 2015.

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Speaking engagements

Link->Cultural Life of Money and Finance Podcast, discussion on Divine Currency, Jan 2021

Link->Crazy Money Podcast, discussion on Divine Currency, March 2020

Link->Theology Matters Podcast, discussion of money, debt, and gifts, Jan 2020

Link->"God and Greed." Invited public lecture for Radboud Reflects, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Dec 2018

“Debt, Guilt, and the Law: Disentangling Eternal Conflations.” Invited paper presented at University of Kent, UK, Dec 2018.

“Economy, Exception and Excess – a Discussion with Devin Singh.” Invited presentation at Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, DK, Nov 2018.

“History, Genealogy, and Theological Critique.” Invited paper for Patristics and Modern Theology seminar, Oxford University, UK, Nov 2018.

“Debt and the Christian Theological Imagination.” The Gunning Lecture (endowed), University of Edinburgh, Oct 2018.

 “Fragile Belief and the Empty Throne: Theology and Politics after Ascension.” Invited paper for Australian Catholic University Rome Seminar, Rome, Aug 2018.

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Works in progress

Sacred Debt (Harvard University Press, under contract)


Devin Singh Faculty Portrait