Dorothy I. Wallace

Academic Appointments

Professor of Mathematics


Kemeny Hall, Room 204
HB 6188




  • B.S. Yale University
  • Ph.D. University of California at San Diego

Selected Publications

  • “The Hornet’s Opinion,” in The Art of College Teaching: 28 Takes , M Kallet and A Morgan (eds.), (2005) 123-126.

  • “Arithmetic Properties of Observable Time Dependent Systems,” New Directions and Applications in Control Theory, Series: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences , W P Dayawansa, A Lindquist, and Y Zhou (eds.), 321 (2005) 379.

  • Wallace, D I, C Martin, and M Stamp, “A Characterization of a Class of Discrete Nonlinear Feedback Systems,” Communications in Information and Systems , 5:3 (2005) 305-310.

  • Wallace, D I and J J BelBruno, The Bell that Rings Light , (2006).

Works In Progress

Pseudoprime Factorization of Integer Matrices ; Mating Strategies and the Allee Effect: A Comparison of Mathematical Models ; Teachers Talk: Pressure Points in the K-8 Mathematics Curriculum