Dorothy I. Wallace

Academic Appointments

Professor of Mathematics

HB 6188
B.S. Yale University
Ph.D. University of California at San Diego

Selected Publications

“The Hornet’s Opinion,” in The Art of College Teaching: 28 Takes , M Kallet and A Morgan (eds.), (2005) 123-126.

“Arithmetic Properties of Observable Time Dependent Systems,” New Directions and Applications in Control Theory, Series: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences , W P Dayawansa, A Lindquist, and Y Zhou (eds.), 321 (2005) 379.

Wallace, D I, C Martin, and M Stamp, “A Characterization of a Class of Discrete Nonlinear Feedback Systems,” Communications in Information and Systems , 5:3 (2005) 305-310.

Wallace, D I and J J BelBruno, The Bell that Rings Light , (2006).

Works in progress

Pseudoprime Factorization of Integer Matrices ; Mating Strategies and the Allee Effect: A Comparison of Mathematical Models ; Teachers Talk: Pressure Points in the K-8 Mathematics Curriculum