Douglas Thomas Bolger

Academic Appointments
  • Professor of Environmental Studies

  • Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences

An ecologist and conservation biologist interested in how human land-use affects animal and plant populations, Professor Bolger has research projects that examine the impact of residential development in the coastal sage scrub ecosystem of southern California, and of agricultural intensification in landscapes surrounding national parks in Africa. Professor Bolger is the Director of the Environmental Studies Africa Foreign Studies Program.

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Steele, Room 106
HB 6182


Environmental Studies


  • B.S. Rutgers University
  • Ph.D. University of California at San Diego

Selected Publications

  • Morrison, T.A., and D.T. Bolger. 2014. Connectivity and bottlenecks in a migratory wildebeest population. Oryx.

  • Morrison, T.A., and D.T. Bolger. 2012. Seasonal range fidelity in a tropical migratory ungulate. Journal of Animal Ecology. 81: 543-552.

  • Bolger, D.T., T.A. Morrison, B. Vance, D. Lee, & H. Farid. 2012. A computer-assisted system for photographic mark–recapture analysis. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 3:813-822.

  • Morrison, T.A., J. Yoshizaki, J.D. Nichols, D.T. Bolger. 2011. Estimating survival in photographic capture-recapture studies: overcoming misidentification error. In press, Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

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Works In Progress

Photographic mark-recapture studies of giraffe and wildebeest populations in the Tarangire-Manyara Ecosystem of northern Tanzania.