Edward Meyer

|Research Scientist/Analyst/Engineer
Academic Appointments
  • Research Scientist

  • Senior Lecturer

  • Earth Sciences Off Campus Program Director

My interests are  broad and include tectonics, earth history as recorded in the sedimentary record, geochemistry, and geochronology. Current research projects are focused on the evolution of the Appalachians, geochronolic constraints on the uplift of the Canadian Cordillera, and the evolution of Earth through the Neoproterozoic .



Fairchild, Room 226B
HB 6105


Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences


  • A.B. Bowdoin College, 2001
  • M.S. Dartmouth College, 2004
  • Ph.D. Dartmouth College, 2009

Selected Publications

  • Wala, V.T., Ziemniak, G., Majka, J. Faehnrich, K., McClelland, Meyer, E.E., Manecki, M., and Strauss, J.V., 2021 Neoproterozoic Stratigraphy of the Southwestern Basement Province,Svalbard (Norway):Constraints on the Proterozoic-Paleozoic evolution of the North Atlantic-Arctic Caledonides. Precambrian Research 

  • Busch, J., Rooney, A., Meyer, E. E., Town, C., Moynihan, D., and Strauss, J., 2021 Late Neoproterozoic – early Paleozoic basin evolution in the Coal Creek inlier of Yukon, Canada: implications for the tectonic evolution of northwestern Laurentia. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 

  • Meyer, E.E., Bostick, B.C., Quicksall, A.N., Landis, J.D., and Link, P 2012, Trace and rare earth elemental investigation of a Sturtian cap carbonate, Pocatello, Idaho: Evidence for ocean redox conditions before and during carbonate deposition: Precambrian Research.

  • Meyer, E.E., Burgreen, B.N., Lackey, H., Landis, J.D., Quicksall, A.N., and Bostick, B.C., 2008 Evidence for Basin Restriction During Syn-Collisional Basin Formation in the Silurian Arisaig Group, Nova Scotia., Chemical Geology, Vol. 256,  p. 1-11