Erin Elizabeth Donaghy

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Research Associate B in Earth Sciences

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I am a sedimentologist and field geologist primarily interested in studying basins that formed along active convergent and strike-slip margins. My research focuses on understanding the evolution of sedimentary basins and how we can use the sedimentary record to constrain the timing of major tectonic events. Primarily, I focus on reconstructing ancient depositional environments and determining sediment provenance -- how do depositional environments change through time? Can we link changes in environments and sediment provenance to regional tectonic events? I answer these questions by utilizing detailed lithofacies mapping and measuring stratigraphic sections in the field. Sediment provenance is determined utilizing conglomerate clast count data, sandstone petrography, and detrital zircon geochronology. By integrating this work with high-precision chronostratigraphy of a basin, we can better understand the timing and rates of basin formation/cessation, and  various other sedimentary processes due to regional tectonics. 


Fairchild, Room 225


Earth Sciences


  • PhD, Purdue University
  • MS, Northern Arizona Univeristy
  • BS, Bucknell University

Selected Publications

  • Donaghy, E.E., Eddy, M.P., Moreno, F., and Ibañez-Mejia, M., 2024, Minimizing the effects of Pb loss in detrital and igneous U-Pb zircon geochronology by CA-LA-ICP-MS: Geochronology, v. 6, p. 89-106,

  • Donaghy, E.E., Umhoefer, P.J., Eddy, M.P., Miller, R.B., and LaCasse, T., 2021, Stratigraphy, age, and provenance of the Eocene Chumstick basin, Washington Cascades: implications for paleogeography, regional tectonics, and development of strike-slip basins: GSA Bulletin, Vol. 133, No. 11/12, p. 2418-2438,

Works In Progress

Donaghy, E.E., Eddy, M.P., Ridgway, K., and Ickert, R.B., Sedimentary Record of Oceanic Plateau Accretion: Re-visiting the Eocene to Miocene stratigraphy of the northern Olympic Peninsula, Washington, submitted to Geosphere