Flint Dibble

Academic Appointments

Lecturer, Department of Classical Studies, Dartmouth College

I'm a Classical archaeologist. My research focuses on the topic of food in ancient Greece. In fact, I mostly study food trash in the form of animal bones. These humble remains tell us of everyday meals, elaborate feasts, and how humans interacted with the environment around them. While I'm usually found in a classroom, laboratory, or library, I'm a dirt archaeologist at heart. I've excavated at a wide range of sites from Paleolithic caves and Neolithic villages to Bronze Age palaces and Greek and Roman cities. Currently, I'm co-Field Director of the Histria Multiscalar Archaeological Project in Romania and collaborating as zooarchaeologist for several ongoing excavation and study projects in Greece (Azoria, Gourimadi, Lechaion, Phaleron). 

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I'm an innovative teacher who challenges students to think outside-of-the-box and write clear, evidence-based, narratives. My goal is always to provide a hands-on experience with the past through primary sources. From the voices of ancient people to their discarded refuse, I think the best instruction situates us directly in relation to this evidence. As a digital native, I challenge students to improve their public writing on blogs and social media.  

I firmly believe in academic outreach and write popular Twitter threads about archaeology and ancient history alongside other projects.

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HB 6086
B.A. University of Pennsylvania
M.A. University of Cincinnati
Ph.D. University of Cincinnati