G. Eric Schaller

Academic Appointments

Professor of Biological Sciences
Professor in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program
Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

We use biochemical, molecular, and genetic strategies to study how plants grow and respond to changes in their environment. Our research is focused on the roles played by the plant hormones ethylene and cytokinin, and is relevant to solving real-world agricultural problems, such as the control of ripening and senescence.

339 Life Sciences Center
HB 6044
Biological Sciences
B.S. Michigan State University
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin at Madison

Selected Publications

Hodgens, C., Chang, N., Schaller, G.E., Kieber, J,J. (2020) Mutagenomics: A Rapid, High-Throughput Method to Identify Causative Mutations from a Genetic Screen. Plant Physiology. Dec;184(4):1658-1673.

Yamburenko, M.V., Worthen, J.M., Zeenat, A., Azhar, B.J., Swain, S., Couitt, A.R., Shakeel, S.N., Kieber, J.J., Schaller, G.E. Functional Analysis of the Rice Type-B Response Regulator RR22. (2020) Frontiers of Plant Science. 0;11:577676.

Burr, C.A., Sun, J., Yamburenko, M.V. Willoughby, A., Hodgens, C., Boeshore, S.L., Elmore, A., Atkinson, J., Nimchuk, Z.L., Bishopp, A.,Schaller, G.E., Kieber, J.J. (2020) The HK5 and HK6 cytokinin receptors mediate diverse developmental pathways in rice. Development. Oct 27;147(20):dev191734

Zubo, Y.O., Schaller, G.E. (2020) Role of the Cytokinin-Activated Type-B Response Regulators in Hormone CrosstalkPlants (Basel). Jan 30;9(2):166.

Worthen, J.M., Yamburenko, M.V., Lim, J., Nimchuk, Z.L., Kieber, J.J., Schaller, G.E. (2019) Type-B response regulators of rice play key roles in growth, development and cytokinin signaling. Development. Jul 10;146(13):dev174870.

Binder, B.M., Kim, H.J., Mathews, D.E., Hutchison, C.E., Kieber, J.J., Schaller, G.E. (2018) A role for two-component signaling elements in the Arabidopsis growth recovery response to ethylene. Plant Direct. May 9;2(5):e00058

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