George Wolford

Academic Appointments

Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Emeritus

Psychological and Brain Sciences
B.S. Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D. Stanford University

Selected Publications

Do, A M, A V Rupert, and G Wolford, “Evaluations of Pleasurable Experiences: The Peak-and-end Rule,” Psychonomic Bulletin and Review , 15:1 (2008) 96-98.

Shah, A M, and G Wolford, “Buying Behavior as a Function of Parametric Variation of Number of Choices,” Psychological Science , 18:5 (2007) 369-370.

Rosenberg, S D, R E Drake, M F Brunette, G Wolford, and B J Marsh, “HCV and HIV Co-infection in People with Severe Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders,” AIDS , 19 (2005) 526-533.

Miller, M B, M Valsangkar-Smyth, S Newman, H Dumont, and G Wolford “Brain Activations Associated with Probability Matching,” Neuropsychologia , 43:11 (2005) 1598-1608.

Wolford, G, S E Newman, M B Miller, and G S Wig, “Searching for Patterns in Random Sequences,” Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology , 58:4 (2004) 221-228.

Works in progress

The effect of number of choices on the decision process.