H. Gilbert Welch

Academic Appointments

Adjunct Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Medicine at TDI for the Geisel School of Medicine, Associate Professor of Business Administration at Tuck School of Business

H. Gilbert Welch, MD, MPH, is a general internist and Adjunct Professor of Public Policy at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center who teaches Public Policy 26: Health Policy and Clinical Practice.  Dr Welch’s research focuses on the problems created by medicine’s efforts to detect disease early: physicians test too often, treat too aggressively and tell too many people that they are sick.  He is the author of Should I be Tested for Cancer? Maybe Not and Here’s Why (UC Press 2004),  Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health (Beacon Press 2011) and  Less Medicine, More Health: 7 Assumptions that Drive Too Much Medical Care (Beacon Press 2015)

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Recent Publications

Welch HG, Gorski DH, Albertsen PC. Trends in Metastatic Breast and Prostate Cancer--Lessons in Cancer Dynamics. N Engl J Med. 2015;373:1685-7

Harding C, Pompei F, Burmistrov D, Welch HG, Abebe R, Wilson R. Breast Cancer Screening, Incidence, and Mortality Across US Counties. JAMA Intern Med. 2015;175:1483-9.

Ahn HS, Kim HJ, Welch HG. Korea's thyroid-cancer "epidemic" – Screening and overdiagnosis. N Engl J Med. 2014;371:1765-7.
Davies L, Welch HG. Current Thyroid Cancer Trends in the United States. JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2014;140:317-22.
Welch HG, Passow HJ.  Quantifying the Benefits and Harms of Screening Mammography.  JAMA Intern Med. 2014;174:448-54.
Bleyer A, Welch HG. Effect of three decades of screening mammography on breast-cancer incidence. N Engl J Med. 2012;367:1998-2005.
Recent Op Eds
Why Doctors Shouldn’t Be Punished for Giving Prostate Tests. The New York Times, January 7, 2016.
We should look less hard for cancer. Los Angeles Times, November, 19, 2015.
When screening is bad for a woman's health. Los Angeles Times, July 19, 2015
Why whole-genome testing hurts more than it helps. (with Wylie Burke) Los Angeles Times April 27, 2015
Will more medical tests make us healthier? CNN Opinion April 15, 2015
An Epidemic of Thyroid Cancer? The New York Times, November 5, 2014.
The Problem With Free Health Care. The New York Times, April 30, 2014.

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