Jacob M. McNulty

Research Associate
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Lecturer in Philosophy; Political Economy Project Postdoctoral Fellow

News: my first book, Hegel's Logic and Metaphysics, is now officially forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.

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I have broad research interests in modern European philosophy, focusing mostly on post-Kantian German Idealism and Marx. My research in the coming years will attempt to balance two goals. The first is to see through to its completion the project begun in my dissertation. This is a project on German idealist theoretical philosophy. Its aim was to contrast the role of logic in Kant and Hegel’s projects as a way of understanding why they diverged so significantly over the legitimacy of metaphysics as a philosophical enterprise. The second goal is to pursue a new project more directly concerned with ethical questions. This new project concerns Marx, and attempts to provide a sympathetic account of his thought by relating it to the “philosophy of right” tradition (legal and political philosophy from Kant to Hegel).


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Silsby 106
HB 6035
AB Harvard University
MPhil. Cambridge University
MPhil Columbia University
PhD Columbia University