James H. Moor

Academic Appointments

Professor of Philosophy
Daniel P. Stone Professor in Intellectual and Moral Philosophy

HB 6035
Cognitive Science
B.S. Ohio State University
A.M. University of Chicago
Ph.D. Indiana University

Selected Publications

Singularity Hypotheses: A Scientific and Philosophical Assessment, with A H Eden, J H Søraker, and E Steinhart (in 2013)

The Logic Book , with M Bergmann and J Nelson, Fifth Edition, (2009). (6th edition in 2013)

Nanoethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Nanotechnology , with F Allhoff, P Lin, and J Weckert, (2007).

The Turing Test: The Elusive Standard of Artificial Intelligence , (2003).

Cyberphilosophy: The Intersection of Philosophy and Computing , with T W Bynum, (2002).

The Digital Phoenix: How Computers Are Changing Philosophy , with T W Bynum, Revised Edition, (2000).

Works in progress

Robot Ethics; Future of Artificial Intelligence