Jason Barabas

Academic Appointments

Director, Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences
Professor, Department of Government

Rockfefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences
A.B. Dartmouth College
Ph. D. Northwestern University
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Princeton University.
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard University

Selected Publications

Barabas, Jason, Benjamin Carter, and Kevin Shan. 2020. “Analogical Framing: How Policy Comparisons Alter Political Support for Health Care Reform.” American Politics Research 48 (5): 596-611.

Kane, John V., and Jason Barabas. 2019. “No Harm in Checking: Using Factual Manipulation Checks to Assess Attentiveness in Experiments.” American Journal of Political Science 63 (1/January): 234-49.

Jerit, Jennifer, and Jason Barabas. 2017. “Revisiting the Gender Gap in Political Knowledge.” Political Behavior 38 (December): 817-38.

Barabas, Jason. 2016. “Democracy’s Denominator: Reassessing Responsiveness with Public Opinion on the National Policy Agenda.” Public Opinion Quarterly 80 (2): 437-59.

Barabas, Jason, Jennifer Jerit, William Pollock, and Carlisle Rainey. 2014. “The Question(s) of Political Knowledge.” American Political Science Review 108 (November): 840-55.