Jeffrey Steven Taube

Academic Appointments

Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

HB 6207
Psychological and Brain Sciences
B.G.S. University of Michigan
Ph.D. University of Washington

Selected Publications

Book: Wiener SI, Taube JS (2005) Head Direction Cells and the Neural Mechanisms of Spatial Orientation . MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.

Butler WN, Smith KS, van der Meer MAA, Taube JS (2017) The head direction signal plays a functional role as a neural compass during navigation.  Current Biology 27: 1259-1267.  PMID: 28416119

Cullen KE, Taube JS (2017) Our sense of direction: progress, controversies, and challenges. Nature Neuroscience 20: 1465-1473.   PMID: 29073639

Valerio S, Taube JS (2016) Head direction cell activity is absent in mice without the horizontal semicircular canals.  Journal of Neuroscience 36: 741-754.  PMID: 26791205

Winter SS, Clark BJ, Mehlman ML, Taube JS (2015) Passive transport disrupt grid signals in the parahippcampal cortex.  Current Biology 25: 2493-2502.  PMID: 26387719

Winter SS, Clark BJ, Taube JS (2015) Disruption of the head direction cell network impairs the parahippocampal grid cell signal.  Science 347: 870-874.  PMID: 25700518

Butler WN, Taube JS (2017) Oscillatory synchrony between head direction cells recorded bilaterally in the anterodorsal thalamic nuclei.  Journal of Neurophysiology 117: 1847-1852.  PMID: 28250151

Works in progress

Taube JS , Valerio S, Yoder RM (2012) Is navigation in virtual reality using fMRI really navigation?