John "Jody" David Trout, Jr.

|Associate Professor
Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Mathematics


Kemeny Hall, Room 302
HB 6188




  • B.S. College of Charleston
  • M.S. Clemson University
  • Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University

Selected Publications

  • Dumitrascu, D and J Trout, “On C*-algebras and K-theory for Infinite-dimensional Fredholm Manifolds,” Topology and Its Applications , 153:14 (2006) 2528-2550.

  • “A Thom Isomorphism Theorem for Infinite Rank Euclidean Bundles,” Homology, Homotopy, and Applications , 5:1 (2003) 121-159.

  • Martinez, D and J Trout, “Asymptotic Spectral Measures, Quantum Mechanics, and E-theory,” Communications in Mathematical Physics, 226:1 (2002) 41-60.

  • Guentner, E, N Higson, and J Trout, Equivariant E-theory for C*-algebras, Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society , 148 No. 703 (2000).

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Works In Progress

“An Atiyah-Singer-type Topological Index for Proper Actions of Non-compact Groups;” “On the Nonexistence of Nontrivial Involutive n-Homomorphisms of C*-algebras”