Joseph Bafumi

|Associate Professor
Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Government


Silsby, Room 218A
HB 6108




  • B.A. University of Connecticut
  • M.A. University of Connecticut
  • M.Phil. Columbia University
  • Ph.D. Columbia University

Selected Publications

  • Michael Herron, Daniel Smith, Wendy Serra and Joseph Bafumi.  Forthcoming, 2017.  “Wait Times and Voter Confidence:  A Study of the 2014 General Election in Miami-Dade County.”  In Chris Galdieri, Tauna Sisco and Jennifer Lucas (eds.), Races, Reforms, & Policy: Implications of the 2014 Midterm Election.

  • Joseph Bafumi, Robert S. Erikson and Christopher Wlezien. 2014. “National Polls, District Information and House Seats: Forecasting the 2014 Midterm Election.” PS: Political Science & Politics 47: 775-778.

  • Joseph Bafumi, Michael Herron, Seth Hill and Jeff Lewis. 2012. “Alvin Greene?  Who?  How Did He Win the United States Senate Nomination in South Carolina?” Election Law Journal 11: 358-379.

  • Joseph Bafumi. 2012. “Polarization and the Fiscal Future of the United States.” The Forum 10, Issue 3, Article 8.

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