Joseph Bafumi

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of Government

Silsby 218
B.A. University of Connecticut
M.A. University of Connecticut
M.Phil. Columbia University
Ph.D. Columbia University

Selected Publications

Michael Herron, Daniel Smith, Wendy Serra and Joseph Bafumi.  Forthcoming, 2017.  “Wait Times and Voter Confidence:  A Study of the 2014 General Election in Miami-Dade County.”  In Chris Galdieri, Tauna Sisco and Jennifer Lucas (eds.), Races, Reforms, & Policy: Implications of the 2014 Midterm Election.

Joseph Bafumi, Robert S. Erikson and Christopher Wlezien. 2014. “National Polls, District Information and House Seats: Forecasting the 2014 Midterm Election.” PS: Political Science & Politics 47: 775-778.

Joseph Bafumi, Michael Herron, Seth Hill and Jeff Lewis. 2012. “Alvin Greene?  Who?  How Did He Win the United States Senate Nomination in South Carolina?” Election Law Journal 11: 358-379.

Joseph Bafumi. 2012. “Polarization and the Fiscal Future of the United States.” The Forum 10, Issue 3, Article 8.

Joseph Bafumi. 2012. “The Senate Budget Committee: The Impact of Polarization on Institutional Design.” PS: Political Science & Politics 45: 161-167.

Joseph Bafumi and Joseph M. Parent. 2012. “International Polarity and America’s Polarization.” International Politics 49: 1-35.

Joseph Bafumi. 2011. “Animal Spirits: The Effect of Economic Expectations on Economic Output.” Applied Economics 43: 3573-3589.

Joseph Bafumi and Michael Herron. 2010. “Leapfrog Representation and Extremism: A Study of American Voters and Their Members of Congress.” American Political Science Review 104: 519-542.

Joseph Bafumi and Robert Shapiro. 2009. “A New Partisan Voter.” Journal of Politics 71: 1-24.

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