Kathleen E. Powers

|Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor

My research and teaching lie at the intersection of psychology and international politics. I study how people think about foreign policy issues and make decisions related to war and peace. My work focuses on understanding how powerful cognitive, emotional, and social forces - like morality and nationalism - influence foreign policy attitudes and behavior. Before joining the Government department, I held a fellowship at the Dickey Center for International Understanding and taught at the University of Georgia. 



Silsby, Room 223
HB 6108




The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding


  • Ph.D. The Ohio State University
  • B.S. Arizona State University

Selected Publications

  • Kathleen E. Powers (2022). Nationalisms in International Politics, Princeton University Press.

    Kathleen E. Powers, Joshua D. Kertzer, Deborah J. Brooks, and Stephen G. Brooks, Forthcoming. "What's Fair in International Politics? Equity, Equality, and Foreign Policy Attitudes," Journal of Conflict Resolution.

    Kathleen E. Powers, Jason Reifler, and Thomas J. Scotto, 2021. "Going Nativist: How Nativism and Economic Ideology Interact to Shape Beliefs about Global Trade," Foreign Policy Analysis, 17 (3).

    Brian C. Rathbun, Kathleen E. Powers, and Therese Anders, 2019. "Moral Hazard: German Public Opinion on the Greek Debt Crisis", Political Psychology, 40(3), 523-541.

    Joshua D. Kertzer, Kathleen E. Powers, Brian C. Rathbun, and Ravi Iyer. 2014. “Moral Support: How Moral Values Shape Foreign Policy Attitudes.” The Journal of Politics, 7(3), 825-840.