Kathleen M. Rose

Research Associate & Lecturer
Academic Appointments

Postdoctoral Fellow in Science Communication

I'm a postdoctoral fellow in science communication in the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric. My research focuses on science and risk communication, with an emphasis on public understanding of science and public engagement/outreach with respect to controversial scientific and environmental issues. Much of this works is interdisciplinary and encompasses several fields, which is reflected in both my research and educational background that includes mass communication, environmental science, quantitative research methods, and science and technology studies.

37 Dewey Field Road, Room 220
HB 6250
Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
M.S. Ohio State University, 2014
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2019

Selected Publications

Rose, K. M., Markowitz, E. M., & Brossard, D. (2020). Scientists’ incentives and attitudes toward public communication. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(3), 1274-1276. doi:10.1073/pnas.1916740117

Rose, K. M., Brossard, D., & Scheufele, D. A. (2020). Of society, nature, and health: How perceptions of specific risks and benefits of genetically engineered foods shape public rejection. Environmental Communication. doi:10.1080/17524032.2019.1710227

Rose, K. M., Howell, E. L., Su, L. Y.-F., Xenos, M. A., Brossard, D., & Scheufele, D. A. (2019). Distinguishing scientific knowledge: The impact of different measures of knowledge on GM food attitudes. Public Understanding of Science, 28(4), 449-467. doi:10.1177/0963662518824837

Rose, K. M., Howell, E. L., Scheufele, D. A., Brossard, D., Xenos, M. A., Shapira, P., Youtie, J., & Kwon, S. (2018). The values of synthetic biology: Researcher views of their field and participation in public engagement. BioScience, 68(10), 782-791. doi:10.1093/biosci/biy077

Su, L. Y.-F., Xenos, M. A., Rose, K. M., Wirz, C. D., Scheufele, D. A., & Brossard, D. (2018). Uncivil and personal? Comparing patterns of incivility in comments on the Facebook pages of news outlets. New Media & Society, 20(10), 3678-3699. doi:10.1177/1461444818757205

Scheufele, D. A., Xenos, M. A., Howell, E. L., Rose, K. M., Brossard, D., & Hardy, B. W. (2017). U.S. attitudes on human genome editing. Science, 357(6351), 553-554. doi:10.1126/science.aan3708

Rose, K. M., Korzekwa, K., Brossard, D., Scheufele, D. A., & Heisler, L. (2017). Engaging the public at a science festival: Findings from a panel on human gene editing. Science Communication, 39(2), 250-277. doi:10.1177/1075547017697981