Laura C. Hunter

|Research Associate B
Academic Appointments
  • PhD Indiana University 2023

  • M.A. Indiana University 2021

  • B.A. Mount Holyoke College 2017

I am a Research Associate at Dartmouth College in Physics and Astronomy Department. My primary research at Dartmouth College focuses on the discovery and characterization of low-surface brightness satellite galaxies. These galaxies are satellites of LMC and SMC mass host galaxies between 4 and 10 Mpc away.   Additionally, I am working on project to determine the timescales over which stellar feedback drives turbulence in the atomic gas of dwarf galaxies. This work utilizes new and archival HST data to measure time and spatially resolved star formation histories and and Very Large Array data to determine spatially resolved gas kinematics. Papers related to this work: [Paper 1]( [Paper 2](