Laura A. Ogden

Academic Appointments

Professor of Anthropology

In the broadest sense, I am interested in understanding the politics of environmental change and conservation.  My work contributes to theoretical discussions in political ecology, environmental anthropology, as well as post-humanist philosophy.  I have conducted ethnographic research in the Florida Everglades, with urban communities in the United States, and currently, I am working on a long-term project in Tierra del Fuego, Chile.  My research in Tierra del Fuego explores the ways introduced species are remaking the landscape and the ethics of living and dying in a changing world.  

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areas of expertise:  environmental anthropology, ethnographic writing, political ecology, Florida Everglades, Southern Cone of South America


Selected Publications

Ogden, Laura A. 2021. Loss and Wonder at the World's End. Duke University Press.

Ogden, Laura A. 2019. "The Beaver Diaspora: A Thought Experiment," Environmental Humanities 10(1):63-85.

Ogden, Laura, William Hall* and Kimiko Tanita.* 2013. Animals, Plants and People: A Review of Multispecies Ethnography, Environment & Society 4:5-24.

Ogden, Laura, Nik Heynen, Ulrich Oslender, Paige West, Karim-Aly Kassam, and Paul Robbins. 2013. Global Assemblages, Resilience, and Earth Stewardship in the Anthropocene, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 7(11):341-347.

Ogden, Laura A.  2011.  Swamplife:  The Entangled Lives of Hunters, Gators and Mangroves in the Florida Everglades, Minneapolis:  University of Minnesota Press.

Ogden, Laura A.  2008. The Everglades Ecosystem and the Politics of Nature. American Anthropologist. 100(1):21-32.



Works in Progress


"Animal Diasporas:  the Making and Remaking of Tierra del Fuego" 


Speculative Wonder at the World's End, book manuscript to be submitted to the University of Minnesota Press.


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413C Silsby
HB 6047
Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies
The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding
PhD, 2002, University of Florida
M.A., 1994, University of Florida
B.A., 1990, University of North Carolina