Lindsay J. Whaley

Academic Appointments

Professor of Classics and Linguistics

213 Anonymous Hall, Linguistics
HB 6086
Cognitive Science
B.A. Calvin College
M.A. State University of New York at Buffalo
Ph.D. State University of New York at Buffalo

Selected Publications

Reo, Nicholas, Sigvanna Meghan Topkok, Nicole Kanayurak, James Standford, David Peterson, and Lindsay Whaley. 2019. ‘Environmental Change and Sustainability of Alaska Native Languages in Northern Alaska.’ Arctic 72/3:215-228.


Whaley, Lindsay J. and Rebacca Asoulin. 2016. Place names in the United States and the colonial past. In Nicholas Ostler and Panchanan Mohanty (eds.) Language Colonization and Endangerment: Long-term Effects, Echoes and Reactions, 21-26. Foundation for Endangered Languages.

Suihkonen, Pirkko and Lindsay Whaley. Eds. 2014. On Diversity and Complexity of Languages Spoken in Europe and North and Central Asia. (Studies in Language Companion Series 164). John Benjamins.

Malchukov, Andrej and Lindsay J. Whaley. Eds. 2012. Recent Advances in Tungusic Linguistics  (Turcologica 89). Weisbaden: Harrassowitz.

Deriving insights about Tungusic classification from derivational morphology. In Lars Johanson and Martine Robbeets (eds.) The Origins of Bound Morphology . Brill. (2012)

The semantic effect of floating quanitifiers in New Testament Greek in Steven E. Runge (ed.) Discourse Studies and Biblical Interpretation , 247-262. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software. (2011)

Some ways to endanger an endangered language project, Language and Education 25/4:339-348.

Syntactic typology in Jae Jung Song (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Typology , 465-486. Oxford University Press. (2010)

The sustainability of languages with J Stanford, The International Journal of Environmental, Culture, Economic and Social Sustainability 6/3:111-122. (2010)

Oroqen with F. Li, in Martin Haspelmath and Uri Tdmor (eds.) Loanword Typology: Toward a Comparative Study of Lexical Borrowability in the World’s Languages , 525-544. John Benjamins.(2009)

Grounding in Oroqen narrative: A re-analysis of“present tense” marking with J. Bouton, in Jonathan E. Cihlar, Amy L. Franklin, David W. Kaiser and Irene Kimbara (eds.), Papers from the 39th Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (2003), Volume I: The Main Session , 1-15. (2007)

Saving Languages , with L A Grenoble, (2005).

“The End of Nomadism: Oroqen History, Migration and Current Distribution,”with L Fengxiang, in Proceedings of the First International Conference on Manchu Tungus Studies , C Naeher (ed.), (Aug 28-Sept 1, 2000) 109-128.

“Grounding in Oroqen Narrative: A Re-analysis of‘Present Tense’ Marking,” with J Bouton, in CLS 39, Vol. I: The Main Session , J E Cihlar, A L Franklin, D W Kaiser, and I Kimbara (eds.), (2004).

Endangered Languages: Current Issues and Future Prospects , with L A Grenoble, (1998).

An Introduction to Language Typology: The Unity and Diversity of Language , (1997).

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Works in progress

The intersection of language, land and the enviroment