Lucas Hollister

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor of French and Italian Languages and Literatures

178C Berry
HB 6087
French and Italian
B.A. Grinnell College
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Selected Publications

Beyond Return: Genre and Cultural Politics in Contemporary French Fiction. Liverpool UP, 2019

Fatale Revisited: Reflections on the "Radical" in Radical Crime Fiction." MLN. 135.4 (September 2020)

"The Green and the Black: Ecological Awareness and the Darkness of Noir." PMLA. 134.5 (October 2019)

“Noir (Masculine Noun): Jean-Patrick Manchette, Alain Delon, and the Politics of French Hard-Boiled Masculinity.” Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture. 51.1 (April 2018)

Envoyée Spéciale: Revisiting Return in Jean Echenoz.” The French Review. 91.3 (March 2018)

“On the Uses and Abuses of Return: Jean Rouaud’s ‘Histoire Critique de la Fiction’” Romanic Review. 106.1/2 (January-March 2015)

“Repositioning Jean-Patrick Manchette: La Position du Tireur Couché and the politics of genre.” Fixxion. Revue critique de fixxion française contemporaine. 10 (July 2015)

“Casting the Novel: References to Actors in the Work of Jean Echenoz.” French Forum. 40.1 (Spring 2015)

“Blaise Cendrars in Hollywood: Toward a Formless Cinema.” Contemporary French and Francophone Studies (SITES). 17.5 (December 2013)

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