Maria Gaki

Academic Appointments


My research focuses on Hellenistic literature and ancient literary criticism. I am particularly interested in the study of Hellenistic theories about euphony that are presented in the treatise On Poems of the Epicurean philosopher Philodemus. My project "Euphony in Theory and Practice: Sweet Sound in Composition" examines the chronological development of these Hellenistic theories about poetic aesthetics and their impact on later generations of critics, such as Dionysius of Halicarnassus and Demetrius. I am exploring ancient philosophical approaches to the role of sound and the senses, as well as views of ancient poets and musicians about the importance of poetic sound over poetic content.

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Reed, Room 305
HB 6086


Classical Studies, Classical Studies


  • BA University of Thessaloniki
  • MA University of Thessaloniki
  • PhD University of Cincinnati