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Mario Reinaldo Machado is a geographer and social scientist by training. His research focuses on the social, economic and ecological dynamics of transitioning agricultural systems in Latin America and the Caribbean, particulalrly Cuba. In addition to his scholarship, Mario is also a writer of popular essays and fiction. His essays explore the relationship between science and the humanities, society and the environment. In fiction, he is currently in the process of writing/publishing his first novel, which blends climate/science fiction and magical realism to tell the story of a Latinx family in the United States in a dystopic climatic future. 




Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies


  • Ph.D. Clark University
  • M.Sc. Pennsylvania State University
  • B.Sc. Pennsylvania State University

Selected Publications

  • Machado, M.R. & Healy, M. (2024). Landscape multifunctionality, agroecology and smallholders: A socio-ecological case study of the Cuban agroecological transition. Landscape Research. 

    Sands, B., Machado, M. R., White, A., Zent, E., & Gould, R. (2023). Moving towards an anti-colonial definition for regenerative agriculture. Agriculture and Human Values, 40(4), 1697-1716.

    Machado, M. R. (2022). Smallholder farming for sustainable development: lessons on public policy from the Cuban agroecological transition. The Journal of Peasant Studies, 1-21.

    Moulton, A. & Machado, M.R. (2019). Bouncing forward after Irma and Maria: Acknowledging colonialism, problematizing  resilience and thinking climate justice. Journal of Extreme Events, 6(1), 1940003.

    Fernández, M., Williams, J., Figueroa, G.,Graddy-Lovelace, G., Machado, M. R., Vásquez, L., Pérez, N., Casimiro, L., Romero, G., & Funes Aguilar, F. (2018). New Opportunities, New Challenges: Harnessing Cuba's Advances in Sustainable Agriculture under Normalizing Relations. Elementa Science of the Anthropocene , 6(1), 76.

    Machado, M. R. (2018) What's going on with land-use in Cuba?: Disparate data sets and the Cuban agricultural transition. Journal of Land Use Science, 13(4), 439-446.

    Machado, M. R. (2017). Alternative to what?: Agroecology, food sovereignty and Cuba's agricultural revolution. Human Geography, 10(3), 7-21.

Works In Progress

Novel: "The Maw"

Article: "The labor of nature/the nature of labor"

Selected Works & Activities

Postdoc, Gund Institute for Environment, University of Vermont (2021-2023)

Research Fellow, Northeast Ecosystem Services Assessment Fellowship, Extension Foundation (2021)

International Activities

Fellow, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Nexus Assessment, United Nations