Martin D. Roberts

Academic Appointments


Martin Roberts has taught in the Department of Film & Media Studies since March 2016, including the courses FILM 003 Digital Arts & Culture, FILM 46.07 Television & New Media, FS 42.13 Global Documentary & Transnational Cinema, FILM 07.16 Lifestyle Media, and FILM 46.08 TV Without Borders. He has published articles on a wide range of subjects in global film and media studies, including the documentary film Baraka, the Dogma ’95 movement, IMAX film and national cinema, film culture, global subcultural identities, lifestyle television, world music, and Japanese popular music. He is the author of Cornelius's 'Fantasma' in Bloomsbury's 33 1/3 album series.


(802) 490-4122
Visual Arts Center, Room 207
HB 6194


Film and Media Studies


  • Ph. D. Cambridge University
  • B.A. Birmingham University