Mathieu Morlighem

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Evans Family Distinguished Professor of Earth Sciences

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My group focuses on the physics of glacier ice and the role of the ice sheets in the climate system. Ice sheets play a central role in the climate system: they store significant amounts of fresh water and are the conveyor belts for transporting snow that accumulates inland back into the oceans. The interactions of the ice sheets with the atmosphere and the ocean have an internal variability but also affect the coupled ice sheet–climate response to external forcings on time scales of months to millions of years. If the current warming of the climate continues, the ice sheets will respond at a yet unknown rate, with unknown consequences for the rest of the climate system. A better understanding of the processes driving these changes is critical to improve projections of sea level rise.

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949 201 5196
Fairchild, Room 207
HB 6105


Earth Sciences


  • B.Sc. Ecole Centrale, Paris
  • M.Eng. Ecole Centrale, Paris
  • Ph.D. Ecole Centrale, Paris