Meredith A. Kelly

Associate Professor of Earth Science

My research interests and objectives center upon advancing the knowledge of the terrestrial record of past climate change on timescales that range from centuries to millions of years. This research will benefit our understanding of the modern climate and the mechanisms which cause climate change. I have undertaken research in various geographic locations in order to develop well-dated records of the past extents of glaciers and ice sheets. Although my research generally involves glacial geologic studies, I have broader interests in Quaternary studies and geomorphology.

Steele 219
HB 6105
Earth Sciences
The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding
B.S., Tufts University
M.S., University of Maine
Ph.D., University of Bern

Selected Publications

Levy LB, Kelly MA, Howley JA, Virginia RA, 2018. Middle to late Holocene chronology of the southwestern margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet: a comparison with Holocene temperature and precipitation records: Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 50 e1414477.

Axford Y, Levy LB, Kelly MA, Francis DR, Hall BL, Langdon PG, Lowell TV, 2017. Timing and magnitude of early to middle Holocene warming in East Greenland inferred from chironomids: Boreas 46, 678-687.

Loomis SE, Russell JM, Verschuren D, Morrill C, De Cort Gijs, Sinninghe Damasté, Olago D, Eggermont H, Street-Perrott, FA, Kelly MA, 2017. The tropical lapse rate steepened during the Last Glacial Maximum: Science Advances 3, e1600815.

Kelly MA, Fisher TG, Lowell TV, Barnett P, Schwartz R, 2016. 10Be ages of flood deposits west of Lake Nipigon, Ontario: evidence for eastward meltwater drainage during the early Holocene Epoch: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 53, 321-330.

Levy LB, Kelly MA, Lowell TV, Hall BH, Howley JA, Smith CA, 2016. Coeval fluctuations of the Greenland Ice Sheet and local glaciers, central East Greenland: implications for late-glacial climate: Geophysical Research Letters 43, doi:10.1002/2015GL067108.

Phillips FM, Kelly MA, Hudson AM, Stone JOH, Schaefer JM, Marrero SM, Fifield K, Finkel RC, Lowell TV, 2016. CRONUS-Earth calibration samples from the Huancané II moraines, Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru: Quaternary Geochronology 31, 220-236.

Sagredo EA, Lowell TV, Kelly MA, Aravena JC, Rupper S, 2016. Equilibrium line altitudes along the Andes during the last millennium: paleoclimatic implications: The Holocene, doi: 10.1177/0959683616678458.

Kelly MA, Lowell TV, Applegate PJ, Phillips FM, Schaefer JM, Smith CA, Kim H, Leonard K, Hudson AM, 2015. A locally calibrated, late glacial 10Be production rate from a low-latitude, high-altitude site in the Peruvian Andes: Quaternary Geochronology 26, 70-85.

Stroup JS, Kelly MA, Lowell TV, Smith CA, Beal SA, Tapia PM, 2015. Late Holocene fluctuations of Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru, registered by nearby lake sediments: Journal of Quaternary Science 30, 830-840.

Kelly MA, Russell JM, Baber MB, Howley JA, Loomis SE, Zimmerman S, Nakileza, B, Lukaye J, 2014. Expanded glaciers during a dry and cold Last Glacial Maximum in equatorial East Africa: Geology 42, 519-522.

Beal SA, Kelly MA, Stroup JS, Jackson BP, Lowell TV, Tapia PM, 2014. Natural and anthropogenic variations in atmospheric mercury deposition over the Holocene near Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru: Global Biogeochemical Cycles 28, 437-450.

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