Michael C. Herron

Academic Appointments

Remsen 1943 Professor of Government

Silsby Hall 121B
HB 6108
Quantitative Social Science
B.S. Carnegie Mellon University
M.A. University of Dayton
M.S. Stanford University
Ph.D. Stanford University

Selected Publications

“Term Limits and Pork,” with K W Shotts, Legislative Studies Quarterly , 31:3 (2006) 383-404.

“Black Candidates and Black Voters: Assessing the Impact of Candidate Race on Uncounted Vote Rates,” with J S Sekhon, Journal of Politics , 67:1 (2005) 154-177.

“Government Redistribution in the Shadow of Legislative Elections: A Study of the Illinois Member Initiatives Grant Program,” with B A Theodos, Legislative Studies Quarterly , 24:2 (2004) 287-312.

“Studying Dynamics in Legislator Ideal Points: Scale Matters,” Political Analysis , 12:2 (2004) 182-190.

“Logical Inconsistency in EI-based Second Stage Regressions,” with K W Shotts, American Journal of Political Science , 48:1 (2004) 172-183.

"Ballot Formats, Touchscreens, and Undervotes: A Study of the 2006 Midterm Elections in Florida," with Laurin Frisina, James Honaker, and Jeffrey B. Lewis, Election Law Journal 7(1): 25-47, 2008.

"Ohio 2004 Election: Turnout, Residual Votes and Votes in Precincts and Wards," with Walter R. Mebane, Jr., in "Democracy at Risk: The 2004 Election in Ohio," report published by the Democratic National Committee, 2005.

"Voting Technology and the 2008 New Hampshire Primary," with Walter R. Mebane, Jr., and Jonathan N. Wand, William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 17(2): 351-374, 2008.

Works in progress

"Student Sorting and Implications for Grade Inflation" (With Zachory D. Markovich). Forthcoming, Rationality and Society.

Selected works and activities

"Race, Shelby County, and the Voter Informatoin Verification Act in North Carolina" (with Daniel A. Smith). Florida State University Law Review 43: 465-506. 2016

“Precinct Closing and Wait Times in Florida during the 2012 General Election” (with Daniel A. Smith).
Election Law Journal 14(3): 220-238. 2015.

“Race, Party, and the Consequences of Restricting Early Voting in Florida in the 2012 General Election”
(with Daniel A. Smith). Political Research Quarterly 67(3): 646-665. 2014.

“The Effects of House Bill 1355 on Voter Registration in Florida” (with Daniel A. Smith). State Politics
& Policy Quarterly 13(3): 279-305. 2013.